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Policy support for lithium battery is expected to explode growth

November 26, 2022

Latest company news about Policy support for lithium battery is expected to explode growth


      Lithium-ion battery is an internationally recognized ideal chemical energy, with small size, large capacitance, high voltage advantages, widely used in mobile phones, laptops and other electronic products, the expanding field of electric vehicles will bring lithium ion battery greater space for development. Our country and the major developed countries in the world have issued many support policies for new-energy vehicles. The development planning of seven strategic emerging industries, such as new energy vehicles, will further promote our electric vehicles from the policy level.


    Lithium batteries will show explosive growth


    Compared with other batteries, lithium-ion batteries have the advantages of high energy density, long cycle life, small self-discharge rate, no memory effect and green environmental protection. Lithium battery is a new type of green secondary battery successfully developed in the 1990s. In recent decades, it has developed rapidly and occupied the largest market share in the small secondary battery market. It has become the most competitive battery in the field of chemical power application.


        Lithium-ion batteries are widely used. With the development of microelectronic technology in the 21st century, the miniaturized equipment is increasing day by day, which puts forward a high demand for power supply. Chemical power supply then entered the stage of large-scale application. Lithium ion battery is the world's most ideal and highest technology rechargeable chemical battery, currently mainly used in mobile phones, laptops, power tools, electronic products and other aspects, in the future will be used in electric cars, electric bicycles, aerospace, military mobile communication tools and equipment and other fields, its demand will be increasing. And is expected to show explosive growth in the field of electric vehicles.


        In the traditional internal combustion engine automobile, our country lags behind abroad 20 years. Especially in the high-tech field of car engine, domestic enterprises are not capable of independent development at present. China has very little chance to catch up with developed countries in internal combustion engine vehicles, but only four or five years behind in the field of electric vehicles. China has the advantages of cost and market, and has the potential and possibility to form a leading position in the world. New energy vehicles are expected to become an important overdrive path in China's automobile industry and an opportunity for Chinese cars to overtake on corners. With the help of the new energy technology revolution in the automobile industry, the next 10-20 years will be a major historical opportunity for China's automobile industry to achieve leapfrog development and make great achievements to strengthen its own brands.


      The development of Chinese energy saving and new energy vehicles will be divided into two steps from easy and difficult: First, from 2011 to 2015, the development of energy saving vehicles will be vigorously. 2. From 2016 to 2020, the fuel economy of traditional vehicles will be improved to the international advanced level; Mass popularization of hybrid electric vehicles.


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The main components of lithium-ion battery include the shell, positive electrode, negative electrode, electrolyte and diaphragm. The battery case is usually stainless steel or nickel-plated steel case, and it comes in different sizes such as square and cylindrical. The inside of the battery is a coil structure or laminated structure, composed of positive electrode, electrolyte, diaphragm and negative electrode.


     The difficulties of lithium iron phosphate with manganese and ternary system as cathode materials mainly focus on product consistency, low temperature performance, high rate discharge, energy density, battery production cost and so on. In addition, the two core technology patents of lithium iron phosphate including carbon and carbon thermal reduction are owned by Canadian and American companies respectively, which is also an obstacle to domestic development. Lithium manganate has been studied for a long time. It is the most mature and reliable cathode material for power battery at present, and there is no patent restriction. The ternary material can be considered as the modification of the existing material, more attention is paid to the process parameters. As can be seen from the current selection of mainstream automobile manufacturers in the world, manganese series and ternary series are the first ones for electric vehicles. In terms of positive electrode materials, we focus on manganese series and ternary material related companies, such as CITIC Guoan, Shanshan Stock and Dangsheng Technology, which produce lithium manganate. Lithium manganese acid raw material manganese dioxide production enterprises Xiangtan electrochemical, Red star development.


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